Yippie What?!

What in the world is “Yippie Livin'”? Can’t remember where we first heard the term, but my husband, Kyle, and I latched onto it immediately. While some might be squeamish about adopting silly labels, we’ve embraced this one with joy and giggles. Our personal translation means we admit to our yuppy streak but temper it with hippie values. i.e. We really like nice stuff, eating great food, and drinking fabulous wine, BUT we also try to get all this goodness while honoring the earth and enjoying exploring it, eating local and organic foods, supporting good causes, and all that.

This site will be mostly recipes with a smattering of travel, home and body products, photography, and we’ll see what else. When reading recipes, always assume I mean fresh, local, and organic ingredients whenever you can get them. While I’ve been a vegetarian for over 20 years, recently I’ve let a bit of fish back in (for various reasons), and my husband is a full-on carnivore, so the recipes here will be mostly veggie, but don’t be surprised if some fish show up. Possibly a couple meats.

The other twist is we’ve recently been following (in different ways and to various degrees) a few diets and principles to improve our overall health. These include diet guidelines based on blood type, acid/alkaline balance, and anti-candida principles. A recent stretch following the Body Ecology Diet inspired me to start this blog because of the difficult time we were having satisfying our foodie natures with so many common food staples prohibited. Many of these recipes are designed (or can be modified) to follow these diet principles. However, I am not an expert in any way, I am not a nutritionist, nor an advisor for any specific diet. If you’re following a special diet, evaluate each recipe for your own needs. I might give opinions, but you’re the expert on your own body. And feel free to share thoughts on any of the recipes you decide to try!

And, just in case you’re wondering, all the photos on this site are by moi (or someone next to me). You can check out more of my photography by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Yippie What?!

    • Yes, we’re big fans of Nourished Kitchen over here. In fact, Kyle’s had a couple batches of bone broth going in our crock pots for the last several days (inspired by one of her blogs)… 🙂 When I get my “Other Resources” page up here, she’ll be one of the first listed. Hope to see you one of these days & hope you’re well!! Brooke

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