Food Allergies: Fad or Rising Health Epidemic?

This is a great video (TED Talk) from Robyn O’Brien, a researcher and mother who, upon experiencing a terrifying allergic reaction in her youngest child over breakfast, looked into what’s going on with our food supply and why allergies to common ingredients like wheat and milk are starting to plague our families in exponentially rising numbers. If you’ve ever skeptically wondered what’s up with all your friends who are going gluten free – “Isn’t this just another hyped up diet fad?” or “What could be wrong with wheat… after all, we’ve been eating it for thousands of years, right?” or “If the FDA allows changes to be made for our food supply, they must have done the research to know it’s safe for us and our kids in the long run!” and the like, then take a short 18 minutes to watch this. Perhaps over a nice breakfast of local free-range eggs, sauteed organic spinach, and super-food cultured veggies.