Green Curry Fish Stew

This Thai inspired dish is simple and tasty, and easy to modify for a full veggie version. Go nuts with veggie combinations–the choices here are solid options, but go with what’s fresh and in season, if possible.  The recipe generally makes extra sauce, which makes the next time you feel like curry even easier. Continue reading


Spiced Carrot Zucchini Bread

In order to survive our months on the Body Ecology regime, occasional gluten and sugar free baked goods were like a life preserver. Or perhaps more like a nice warm, snuggly blanky. I feel pretty good about the healthful qualities of this recipe since I soak the flours (why?) and use not just one, but two, veggies in it. Totally legit, right? Those of you not doing some sort of crazy diet might be tempted to skip to the next page at my mention of gluten & sugar free. That would be a mistake, my friends. Oh yes.

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Blue Corn Bread with Anaheim Chilies

Tasty, tender blue corn bread

In honor of the Superbowl, I made this gluten-free cornbread with blue corn meal and teff flour. It turned out so much better than expected! Perfect, light & tasty. Not all gluten-free experiments turn out this well the first time around. SCORE!

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