Boo Bronchitis (and a yummy smoothie to help)

It never fails. I start having all kinds of delusions of immune system kick butt-ness after not catching any of the nasties floating around town for months on end. Then boom. Something finds a hole in my defenses and goes for the proverbial achilles heel: lungs. Though I’m still refusing to go see an MD, I can pretty much guarantee this is my old nemesis, bronchitis. After my 4 sleep-lite nights and interminable hours on the couch, Kyle’s gone into health enforcer mode, demanding I do all kinds of lung-clearing, immune boosting things, from a special essential oil blend in the diffuser to researching which smoothie ingredients are good for bronchitis. Continue reading


Roasted Veggies

This easy dish is classic winter comfort food for me. Quantities below are purely negotiable. Increase or decrease anything to your taste. A few years ago, you would never see something so insane as a brussels sprout in any of my recipes. I still clearly remember dinner table stalemates between me and a not to be named former step-parent over those sinister tiny cabbages. However, now that I control the cooking methods, no more plain boiling water treatment for these babies. Nope. Give them a good roasting and voila, no more stalemate. Only tasty, healthy goodness remains.

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Cultured Veggies

OK, you caught me. Yes, “cultured veggies” are also known as sauerkraut, or fermented vegetables. But as someone who historically does not have warm, fuzzy feelings for the sauerkraut you get at restaurants or can buy at the grocery store, I’m telling you the homemade version is pretty awesome. And super good for you, chock full of the partying bacterial probiotics that give it the sour flavor (just like the ones many of us spend good money on from the health food store). But these friendly critters work hard for you, converting raw veggies into a distinctive, tasty dish. And then once you eat them, their work really begins as they populate your gut and kick out all kinds of nasties that you really don’t want to read about here.   Continue reading