Summer Solstice Appetizer: Walnut Ricotta Bruschetta with Arugula, Asparagus & Crème Fraiche

As promised, here is the second installment from our 2012 Summer Solstice Wine Pairing Dinner menu. After kicking things off with the super tasty, yet somewhat powerful “Bonsinger Silver Lining” (a lavender infused cocktail with St. Germain & grapefruit), the guests were ready to start the feasting.

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Celebrating the Summer Solstice

When you live in a colder climate that has a lengthy and oftentimes extended winter season, summer is one of those things that warrants celebration and elaborate shows of appreciation.  Our “Yippie culture” (I say with a smirk and nod to my nerd-iness) dictates a fun combination of nature and high-brow entertaining.  Thus, our annual Summer Solstice Wine Pairing dinner.  This now fully ingrained ritual in our household means preparing a 7-course dinner, designed around local foods currently in season and available from Idaho’s Bounty (as much as possible), with carefully thought out wine pairings, for 16-20 of our best friends.  Guests help by bringing wines chosen with sometimes vague and sometimes specific requests for the courses.  Some lucky ones get to partake of the excitement in the kitchen by helping chop, flip, slice, and more!

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